Motion graphics.

Our motion graphics designers add that extra dynamic to your content.

Engaging eye-catching content is key for creating successful marketing campaigns and materials. Our motion graphics designers can energise your content with the aid of motion graphics ux to add that extra touch. Helping your product or service stand out be noticed and be liked.

Toast can help you engage your audience with motion graphics video or animation that are on brand, emphasise key messages and add an extra element to your banner design or web graphics.

Toast have applied motion graphics to interactive brochurespresentations, website graphics and social media banners.

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Social media campaigns that move and engage.


Why have a static banner promoting a service or product when you can have an animated one? Toast create animated banners for all digital platforms to given specifications.

If you are unsure what size your banner should be leave it to us to recommend optimum sizes for your marketing campaign, be it on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn – we can resize and optimise for all.

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Infographics that pop.


Engaging and informative infographics are great at delivering key messages. Why not enhance these with some animation to help make your message pop?

These can be complex or simple animation sequences but with the underlying rule that they must convey your key message or product.

Speak to Toast to see how we can enhance your infographics. 

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Information at your finger tips.


Toast can create interactive brochures that are easy to navigate and digest. Adding subtle animation helps with the overall presentation of the digital brochure and enhances the user experience.

Functions include a scrollable navigation, next buttons so that you can flick between pages and a facility to upload and link the brochure to chosen social media accounts.

Talk to Toast and see how we can apply technology with clever design to your marketing materials.

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