Report infographics that work.

Toast create report infographics that are on brand and deliver your key message clearly.

Report infographics come in all shapes and sizes. We’ll help you define your key message, then design report infographics that are on brand. We create suites of report infographics that can be used in reports and social media applications.

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Gatwick report infographics

Infographics for reports, brochures and more.

Once we create your report infographic the project doesn’t end there.

Multiple use infographics.

Toast can reuse and repurpose infographics for a range of media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Toast can also resize your infographics for online use on website blog pages, banners and articles.

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Toast are experts in creating infographics.

The use of infographics in marketing materials is a growing trend as audiences demand information instantly.

Complex data made easy.

The need to make complex data and information easily readable (and more importantly, understandable), has meant a huge increase in well-thought-out infographics.

When Toast create infographics we like to follow these basic guidelines. A clever infographic will always:

  1. Emphasise a key fact or message
  2. Be easy to understand
  3. Allow quick extraction of key information
  4. Ensure that format (look and feel) follows function
  5. Be on brand or follow corporate guidelines

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The key points for successful infographics.

1. Emphasise a key fact or message.

It should be immediately clear what the key message is. If it isn’t, you need to look at the design again. Infographics may need a viewer to read more into the detail to fully understand all the information, but the high level / instant take-away message must be instant. All too often an infographic is challenged with delivering too many messages. When this happens it normally ends up saying nothing. Keep the information focused.

2. Easy to understand.

The purpose of the infographic is to communicate simply and clearly what text alone can’t. Using one infographic to convey multiple meanings to a variety of audiences might be a bit too much to take in. Keep it simple – using clever visual devices or icons help keep the focus on the key facts. So don’t over complicate it with unnecessary graphics that can confuse.

3. Quick to extract key information.

Your average reader will at some point skim through, looking for key information or sections they are particularly interested in. This type of reader wants to get the most information with a limited amount of time or effort. Make it easy for them.

4. Form follows function.

Creativity is essential when creating infographics but it must never override the need to convey the key message. If you have an infographic that looks wonderful but doesn’t convey the key information, it’s just a pretty picture and should be replaced. Infographics should always have a purpose and should never be used as a visual distraction, as doing so compromises other infographics by creating distrust or confusion for the reader.

5. Be on brand.

Create infographics that are on brand and designed to your corporate guidelines to ensure they form a part of a cohesive marketing project. If these infographics are used in isolation, they are recognisable representations of your brand or company. 

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Get a quote for your next report infographics project.

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