Artworking adverts & marketing materials for Richard Mille.

Attention to detail, maintaining a premium brand.

Toast has been artworking adverts for Richard Mille for their EMEA advertising marketing materials for the last couple of years. Strict corporate guidelines are followed to ensure the brand is presented correctly in all the marketing materials created. 

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Specific requirements.

Toast are experts in creating artwork for a wide range of print formats and ensure artwork is correct when submitting files to various international publications.

Everyone is different.

As publications differ in size, Toast create artwork that adheres to a publication’s individual specification to ensure the advert is printed as intended. Toast create various print adverts for Richard Mille, each with different content, contact details and publication size. 

Each publication will have its own print specification and PDF output profile. Toast create artwork to these specifications for Richard Mille to produce adverts that are correct first time, saving time and resources.

Multiple adverts.

Toast artwork and manage over 30 adverts every month for Richard Mille, so a system was needed to ensure everyone could keep track of what adverts were needed, which ones had already been sent and those that had been approved for print.

Online tools.

Toast use a couple of online tools to help manage the large amount of adverts for RM. These resources help keep Toast and RM up to date with any artwork required. They contain the date each ad will be submitted to the publication, its size, PDF output settings, model of watch and contact details.

RM also have an online media library from which Toast access high resolution images to aid in the smooth running of artwork creation.

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Richard Mille mobile invite

Digital invites.

It’s just not print materials that Toast create for Richard Mille. They invite potential customers to various international events and we design the digital invites that are sent to a very select target audience.

Optimised for best effect.

Toast create digital invites for Richard Mille that are optimised for various mobile devices to ensure the recipient views the invite in the correct format. 

Toast continue to work with Richard Mille and enjoy creating everything from digital invites to large format billboards.

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