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Digital form displayed on a laptop

Digital forms: stuff you didn’t know (but should).

Digital forms offer a unique set of advantages over printed forms. But they’re often overlooked and under utilised. Many people aren’t aware of the versatility offered by digital forms. Read on: you may be surprised by the features available…

Digital brochure design

Digital brochure design.

Toast can convert your brochure into a digital format. Getting your brochure converted into an accessible and engaging digital format isn’t as hard as you think. Toast are experts in converting existing or creating new brochures into a digital brochure design format. You can then share, send and access the digital brochure easily and quickly. […]

Zerb magazine cover refresh.

The GTC’s industry magazine cover just got a face lift. As with most industry magazines, it is important to evolve over time and Zerb is no exception. It was a good time to refresh the magazine cover design as it coincided with two factors. The first was the introduction of a new managing editor. The […]

Brand guidelines for the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Designing a bold and compassionate brand book. The UK arm of The Elton John AIDS Foundation needed help on how to consistently brand marketing materials. After approaching Toast, both organisations worked together to define what was needed in order to create unique but helpful brand guidelines for the Elton John AIDS Foundation. The ‘brand book’ […]

What is full service design?

A common term used in design circles, we look at what it means. ‘Full service design’ means that the design agency can provide a large range of services. These can range from display graphics to digital brochures. Agencies will differ slightly on what they provide. But you’ll normally find their services on a service page […]

Should I use crowdsourced design?

If you are thinking of using crowdsourced templates and freelancers instead of a professional designer, read on. What is crowdsourced design?  Whether you need a logo or a brochure designed, it’s never been easier to go online and find a group of freelancers on sites like Dribble and Fiverr. Many of them offering cheap rates […]

Why using a magazine design template is a terrible idea for marketing people.

So you need a magazine designed. Naturally, it should look great. It has to be completed on a deadline. And if you can get it done at low cost, so much the better. An obvious solution is to do it yourself with a magazine design template. There are loads of them on the internet. And […]

Considering a monthly subscription for design services?

A new way to manage your design needs. Monthly subscriptions are so common these days. From your mobile phone to online streaming services – their ease of use and benefits are clear to see. So why not apply the same approach to your graphic design needs? Are you considering a monthly subscription for design services? […]

Annual review design for QVSR.

Annual review design to aid and support a good cause. Queen Victoria Seamen’s Rest (QVSR) is the Seamen’s Mission of the Methodist Church. They offer aid and support to current and ex-seafarers and ex-servicemen in need of accommodation. They have two specialist residential centres in London, and 2019 saw the completion of an ambitious modernisation […]

Brand development with a design subscription package.

Optimising your marketing budget. As we’re always keen to offer great value, we offer our clients a graphic design subscription package. This suited MaxRock, who wanted our strategic input as well as our design and layout know-how.

Applying the new National Archives branding.

The new 2020 Action Plan. What we did. Toast has just finished creating the 2020 Action Plan for The National Archives. This was a new step for Toast and The National Archives as it involved implementing their new brand style to the booklet.  

Exhibition Graphics and much much more for Tibbetts Group.

Subscription design services that work. Banbury-based Tibbetts Group is one of our longstanding design subscription clients. They send a variety of projects our way every week from exhibition graphics to corporate reports and everything in between. Tibbetts deliver high quality engineering products and components to a range of specialist sectors including automotive, aerospace, industrial, construction […]

Exhibition banner artwork for a luxury global brand.

Exhibition stand design for KOHLER UK. Toast has just finished creating some exhibition stand design of two pull-up exhibition display banners for luxury global brand KOHLER UK promoting their ‘ModernLife’ product range. KOHLER UK supplied us with some superb images that we used to create modern layouts driven by design.

Creating multi-language documents and infographics.

For Delivery Associates. Toast recently completed an annual review for Delivery Associates, creating multi-language documents and infographics in French, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic. While the French, Spanish and Portuguese translations were quite straightforward, the Arabic version needed extra work converting this from a left-right to right-left orientated document. Charts and infographics also needed flipping to […]

Project management across international time-zones.

SaaS Magazine design. SaaS Magazine is a publication for the SaaS community. SaaS stands for software as a service – essentially, subscription-based online businesses. Spotify is a well-known example, but there are tens of thousands of SaaS companies around the world. If you need help to project manage your magazine design.

Magazine design for the Guild of Television Camera Professionals.

Toast has worked with the Guild of Television Camera Professionals (GTC) for over 10 years with magazine design for Zerb, their trade publication.

How working in close partnership leads to client satisfaction.

Working in close partnership led to client satisfaction for Edenred, who are a leading incentive company. They offer employee engagement solutions to 830,000 corporate clients around the world, and their services are used by 47 million employees globally, channelling rewards and benefits from 1.7 partner merchants.

Event material for Hanson Wade.

Templated digital brochures. The recent brochure we created for the LEAP HR Retail conference is just one example of the event material we regularly design for Hanson Wade, the world-leading conference and events company.

An e-learning package with a unique business goal.

We took an open brief for an e-learning package and ran with it. The e-learning package we produced for MaxRock is a great example of using motion graphics to solve an unusual business challenge.

14 ways a design agency can add value.

Do you need the help of a creative design agency? If you’ve been handling all of your marketing, design and web presence in-house so far, it can seem like a huge jump to be joining forces with another company. Here are 14 ways a design agency can add value as it might be a step […]