Quick-turnaround design services for Hanson Wade.

Branded event materials, to short deadlines for multiple projects. 

Toast have been creating event materials for Hanson Wade for over 10 years and have built up a great understanding of the needs of event companies. Toast have implemented processes that help speed up the creation of materials. Ensuring projects are on time, on budget and on brand. 

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Hanson Wade digital brochure design

Digital brochure templates.

Toast have created a wide range of brochures for Hanson Wade, with each event’s brand having a specific look and graphics.

Keeping things consistent.

When creating a large amount of marketing material it’s key to keep the look of the design consistent throughout the event. Toast created templates for Hanson Wade to ensure this is maintained, costs are minimised and any materials created remain on brand.

Another large benefit in using a templated approach is the reduction in time to create materials. This enables Hanson Wade to be more responsive to market conditions and trends.

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event brochures

Multiple events at the same time.

Toast have systems in place to enable us to work on multiple event projects at the same time.

Online tools and project management.

Toast use a range of online project management tools to create and manage multiple Hanson Wade projects. These systems also inform Hanson Wade of progress, notifications and amends so that time is optimised and details are not missed. 

These tools are online and can be accessed via a web browser on mobile devices, with no additional software to be installed. Hanson Wade uses these tools to send amends and upload files, keeping the project in one convenient place and avoiding information getting lost in a series of emails and links.

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event logos

Event branding.

It’s just not the event brochures Toast created, we worked closely with Hanson Wade to create and develop a range of event brands.

Logos and sub brands.

Once Hanson Wade had established which brand they wanted to create, Toast then started with the development of the logo. Once this was agreed Toast then applied the logo to various marketing materials which included event brochures, social media graphics, infographics and adverts.

If you are looking to create an event brand, speak to Toast to see how we can help.

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event brochure

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