Annual reports design.

Annual report design, annual review or year in review, the challenge is the same. Balancing the information that you have with the messaging that you want to be heard.

Whether it’s called an annual reports design, annual review or year in review – financial information and statistics can only show so much. Sometimes their matter-of-fact, black-and-white nature can hide the message they should convey. If an organisation is growing, changing or developing this may not necessarily reflect on the bottom line.

Alternatively, great results may mean nothing without understanding how they have been achieved. A great annual report is one that communicates both hard and soft benefits alongside the unambiguous and clearly defined financial results. Balance, as in most things, is key.

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Achieving the right balance.

The annual statement of many companies or organisations is a statutory obligation and it is essential that those strict guidelines and requirements are understood and adhered to first and foremost. Once these official obligations are addressed, the publication is the perfect vehicle to communicate a host of different messages to a wide range of different audiences.

Those interested primarily in the financial information should also gain an appreciation of your underlying core values, your hopes for the future or changes in structure or staff that will impact of the organisation’s operations.

These key messages can obviously be communicated through articles and headings, but they can also be conveyed through colour palette, infographics and tone of voice – getting the balance right is essential.

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In line, on line
and bottom line.

Once you have created your annual publication, be it a review or report, and it complies with all legal essentials, brand guidelines and stakeholders’ expectations – you need to get it in front of your customers.

We will create an annual report PDF to share online.

For some reports, printed copies are unavoidable and have to be officially filed, but many choose digital as their primary means of distribution.

If digital is your primary platform then why not make your publication interactive and animated? We never advocate animation for the sake of it, but carefully considered and applied animation can bring potentially dry or complex information to life.

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Can your next annual publication be improved?

If you want to investigate how you could improve your next publication then talk to us today – don’t leave it until it’s due.

We won’t lose focus of your annual report purpose or primary goal.

We will happily discuss and plan a way to improve your next publication and improve its effectiveness in both schedule and distribution.

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