The Digital Workplace Group.

Creating and evolving a digital brand.

Toast have been working with the Digital Workplace Group to develop a suite of social media graphics. This reflects the company’s ethos of remote working and online collaboration. Toast provide design support and advice on marketing materials from reports to social media graphics and live streaming events.

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Corporate guidelines for The Digital Workplace Group


Once the logo was agreed and refined, Toast then set to work on creating a set of corporate guidelines to help maintain the brand look and feel across various marketing materials.

Keeping it simple.

There are times when keeping things simple work. The guidelines were created to be understood instantly, enabling quick and easy application when creating marketing material. 

Fonts, colours, logo usage and application were some of the things included in the guidelines.

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Digital formats.

Toast have created a wide range of digital graphics for DWG, all branded and optimised for the device or platform.

Multiple platforms.

Over the years that Toast have been working with DWG, we have created digital graphics for:

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document and report design

Reports and other materials.

Not only have Toast created a wide range of digital graphics for DWG, we have also created various printed materials.

Display stands to book covers.

Toast continue to create reports for DWG, based on a set template to ensure they are quick to produce, maintain an overall look and feel and costs are minimal – forming a suite of reports used as a resource and sales tool. These can be printed if required but are optimised for digital use and saved as PDFs that can be emailed and uploaded to secure websites.

Toast have also created a series of Powerpoint templates for sales teams to populate when presenting to clients. They can also be used when presenting reports of diagnostic information carried out on clients’ intranets.

To help promotion in the non-digital world, Toast has also created display stands for events, pocket folders and inserts for sales teams through to promotional books and jacket covers.

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