How to create a motion graphic in 4 simple steps.

Add that extra dynamic to your content.

We take a look at how to create a motion graphic and the steps involved.

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Step one.

Write a script.

All our motion graphics start with a script. It’s important to consider the language that will be used in the motion graphic in order to convey the message as it is intended. Short and to the point is usually the best approach.

At Toast we focus on text based motion graphics, but if you want voiceover in the video we can look into this for you. 

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How to create a motion graphic - storyboard

Step two.

Create a storyboard.

Once we have a script and we have been through it with you, we are ready to start visualising how the motion graphic will look. Following the script we draw out the video, frame by frame to get a good idea of how it will look.

We work closely with you at this stage to get the movie looking how you want. It’s important to start thinking about timings, and transitions toward the end of this process.

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How to create a motion graphic - design

Step three.


Time to jump onto a mac! With the script and storyboard agreed on, we start creating the individual elements of the design. Any illustrations, text, colour and graphic elements need to be consistent across the movie. We do this using your brand guidelines, or in the best way to tell the story correctly.

Great attention to detail is paramount at this stage as these designs will be in the final motion graphic.

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Step four.

Animate the design.

Using our chosen software, we start putting the motion graphic together. We finesse timings and make sure everything moves as it should to tell the story.

If you want audio in your motion graphic we make sure everything syncs up and both the sound and visuals work together.

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