Maximise your event promotion with quality brochures.

Toast helps professional marketers with event promotion, creating brochures that present a clear and sharp message to your audience.

With over 20 years of experience, Toast understands that those responsible for event promotion need event brochures designed and turned around as quickly as possible. Toast have built-in processes that help event managers achieve these quick turnaround times, using time efficiently while creating materials that are engaging but cost-effective.

Speak to us to see how we can help you create event brochures that deliver.

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To ensure Toast deliver your event brochure on time and within budget we have systems in place to help you run multiple projects seamlessly.

Online project management.

We use a range of online project management software, such as Basecamp, to help manage the project and inform Toast and the client of current progress. The software can be used to upload images and files along with comments and amendments. Threads are then created and notifications are set up to inform of any revisions that have been actioned or confirmed.

Clear and consistent event promotion materials are essential.

Hanson Wade event brochure design

Attention to detail.

There’s nothing more annoying when you receive your event brochure only to find the design agency have missed your amends.

Marked-up PDFs.

We encourage our clients to send us marked-up PDFs to we don’t miss any amends. Adding comments to PDFs is easy and every comment can be checked by the designer to ensure nothing is missed. Alternatively we are happy receiving marked-up Word files if you prefer working this way.

Successful event promotion means applying the brand across everything consistently from brochures through to banner stands and promotional giveaways.

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event logos

Your event branding.

It’s just not your event brochures we can create for you, we also have vast experience in creating event brands.

Materials that create your event brand.

Things normally start with the logo and then progress on to your event materials which could include exhibition displays, social media graphics, infographics and advert artwork. Speak to Toast if you need help with creating your next event brand.

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Exhibition and display graphics

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